x3 Branding

Fratelli Residence

Our task was to create a logo and a website with a modern, yet timeless feel. The client wanted to have website that could last for years to come, without losing touch with the times.


The colors we choose reflected the feel our client wanted to invoke: elegance, sophistication, and prestige.


Heading font: Minion Variable Concept
Body font: Open Sans


Our task was to create a logo with a modern,
yet timeless feel.

Mood board

Feel the soul of this brand.

Print design

Price list – Menu, Visit cards

Social media design

Fratelli pizza is a pizza shop that operates both within the Frattelli residence as well as a
separate entity. Their wish was to create an Instagram profile where people would see what
they have on their menu on a simple and quick way. 


Fratelli Residence has increased the number of guests and are now active in the market on Instagram, as well.